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“I Did iT!” Second Chance / Reentry Diversity Master Trainer Certification Workshop 
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D.Harold Greene, CCMT - Author / Workshop Facilitator 
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The "I Did IT!" Workshop is a FREE three hour intensive Second Chance / Reentry Diversity Master Trainer Certification Workshop used to train-the-trainer on how-to-teach second chance and reentry topics to ex-offenders, 
how-to-accept responsibility for past mistakes and how-to move on to a successful second chance life recovery, despite all obstacles. 

At the completion of this workshop, there will be a Master Trainers Certification Examination on this training, and upon passing the exam the trainers will receive a master trainer training certificate. 

Comments about the workshop: 

"It's about time that someone has developed a curriculum, content and a manual that can be used to help us keep ex-offenders out of jail"   CB, Tyler, TX

"With States cutting budgets and transferring ex-offenders from prison and jails back to the community to save money, this will cause a void in inmate skill set development that is required to reenter the community. The demand for help will be astronomical!"   AM, Philadelphia, PA

What  is a Master Trainer Certification ?

( 1 ) Will Certify you as a Master Trainer to teach Basic Life-Skills and Self-sufficiency Skills to at-risk males

( 2 ) This certifies, licenses and give you permission to use our workshop curriculum to teach this workshop.

( 3 ) You will learn how to teach you own at-risk male train-the-trainer workshop.

( 4 ) You will learn how to help at-risk males to find their career & life purpose.

( 5 ) This training will help you start your own life-skills training program for boys and young men.

What’s Included
At the completion of the training, you will receive Master Trainer  certificate that will license you to teach this workshop; and a trainer power point for use in classes.

Who Should Attend:  People who want to do something for their communities, non-profit staff, police officers, school counselor, workshop facilitators, youth trainers, veteran’s counselors, church pastors, youth ministers, teachers, fathers, mothers, etc. 

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The ”I Did iT!” Second Chance / Reentry  Diversity Master Trainer Certification Workshop 
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