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 “I learned more valuable usable techniques in a very short time than ever. The best part is, the curriculum, content, presentation and ( the )workbooks are priceless". RG, Washington, D.C.

" It's about time that someone has developed a curriculum and manuals that can be used to help us to train corporate, non-profit and community trainers on diversity topics". CB, Tyler, TX

We provide'Community Centric' professional train-the-trainer ON-LINE, CD / DVD and LIVE workforce readiness, diversity and life preparation skills training for staff development Master Trainer Training Resources that will teach professional trainers how to help "people who do not want to (or cannot ) go to college" how to get good jobs.

Our training program provides a turn key, web based on - demand learning system that is easy to use and it :

* Earn Revenues

* Reduce Training Cost

* Simplify Certificate Training For Your Staff

* Start Your Own On-Demand Training Company

* Reduce Staff Days Off for Training

* Reduce Expenses for Travel

* Eliminate Hotel Training Expenses

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Since 2008, We Have Trained and Certified over 1,500 Master Trainers and Over 1,200 Organizations Staff Nationwide and Worldwide
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Master Trainer Certification (CLSMT) Workshop 

This eight hour intensive ONLINE, CD or LIVE retreat will teach you how-to-teach life preparation skills that will help youth and young adults to obtain basic life preparation skills, and to find their career and life purpose. 

Registration Deadline; November 20th

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