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All-You-Can Read Workshops
UNLIMITED Online Audio Books for one set yearly (or monthly) registration fee.Save thousands of dollars per year on LIVE and online workshop costs, travel costs, hotel costs snd time off from work.
This LIVE) two ( 2 ) day retreat will train, license and certify you to teach workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and life preparation skills to community youth and adults who do not want to (or cannot) go to college was posted on:. How to Train and Certify a Community Master Trainer?

Walmart, Best Buy and Target Educational Projects or Field Trips Grants 

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If you find yourself in need of a grant 
or grant writing assistance contact us or go to:

1. Student Achievement Grant

2. The Field Trip Fund from the Civil War Trust

3. Teacher Supply Boxes from the Kids in Need  Foundation

4. Target Field Trip Grant

5. Walmart Community Grant Program

6. Best Buy Community Grant