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Just as business and industry must constantly adapt to the rapid shifts in this 21stCentury, so must education. 

This calls for a culture of creativity and innovation informed by data, research, and critical and creative thinking is imperative in today’s workplace culture - Weekend Blog

Target Audience 

Individuals who are transitioning into a new career field after 10 or more years in another career, as well as individuals who are new to the workforce. 

Description: covers how to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to the workplace.

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​Module 2: Creativity and Innovation 

Top 10 Government Evidence-Based Adolescent Reentry Programs 

Aftercare, sometimes called reentry or parole, is the process of preparing youth for release from a facility and supervising their return to the community. 

See how can be used to help address criminal activity in your community. (click on "blue" to download PDF)

Top 10 Government Evidence-Based Adolescent Reentry Programs