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 “I learned more valuable usable techniques in a very short time than ever. The best part is, the curriculum, content, presentation and ( the )workbooks are priceless". RG, Washington, D.C.

Certified Master Trainer / Life Coach Workshops 

" It's about time that someone has developed a curriculum and manuals that can be used 
to help us to train corporate, non-profit and community trainers on diversity topics"CB, Tyler, TX


Since 2008, We Have Trained and Certified over 1,500 Master Trainers / Life Coaches and 
Over 1,200 Organizations Staff Nationwide and Worldwide
AVAILABLE ON CD / DVD  - To order call - (910) 679-4319

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Teach “Tips to Start Email Marketing” 
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"Teach "Tips to Start Email Marketing” to others in your community.

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