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Comments about our workshops: 

“I learned more valuable usable techniques in a very short time than ever. The best part is, the curriculum, content, presentation and workbooks are priceless. I highly recommend your Certified Community Master Trainer Program .
RG, Washington, D.C.

"It's about time that someone has developed a curriculum, content and a manual that can be used to help us to train corporate, non-profit and community trainers on diversity topics. This Certified Diversity Master Trainer Program has it all l"   CB, Tyler, TX

"With States cutting budgets and transferring ex-offenders from prison and jails back to the community to save money, this will cause a void in inmate skill set development that is required to reenter the community. The demand for help will be astronomical!! Thank you for the Certified Second Chance / Reentry Master Trainer Program".   
AM, Philadelphia, PA

What  is a Master Trainer Certification ?

( 1 ) It certifies you to teach diversity, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship skills topics.

( 2 ) You will be certified, licensed and be given permission to use our workshop curriculum and workshop manuals.

( 3 ) This training will help you to start your own training program for people who do not want to ( or cannot ) go to college. 

Who Should Attend:  

People who want to do something for their communities, non-profit staff, police officers, school counselor, workshop facilitators, youth trainers, veteran’s counselors, church pastors, youth ministers, teachers, fathers, mothers, etc. 

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Custom Designed Diversity, Workforce Readiness and Entrepreneurship Training Courses
Staff Development Trainer custom designed, on-site, certificate Diversity, Workforce Readiness and Entrepreneurship Train the Trainer courses are a blend of cutting edge research, participant-centered hands-on learning, and results driven training strategies. New, seasoned, and even skeptical trainers will see training in a whole new light. Guaranteed

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Enroll in this high-energy, out-of-the-box, yet “real world” practical Online Diversity, Workforce Readiness and Entrepreneurship Train the Trainer course and walk away with a paradigm-shift. These are “must-have” courses for both new and experienced trainers. Get a certificate to be licensed to teach these courses..

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We Train Corporate, Non - Profit and Community Trainers
These train-the-trainer courses will transform your staff trainers, supervisors, and community specialists into capable and competent coaches and trainers who have the tools and skills to safely “fast-track” new hires and mid-career employees.

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