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"Finding My Life Purpose" Life Coach Workshop 
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The “Finding My Life Purpose“ Life Coach Certification Workshop is a one-day, six (6 ) hour intensive online, CD or LIVE workshop that will help you to help others to find their life purpose and to uncover the energy and inspiration to focus on it and to fulfill it.

You will receive a Certified Life Purpose Coach Certificate, five 
( 5 ) workshop modules, five ( 5 ) trainer power points and a “Finding My Life Purpose” Manual (a $ 24.95 retail value),all included in the cost of the workshop.

Training Length; 6 Hours Online, CD or LIVE.

$ 349 per Attendee


Life Purpose Workshops
What is a Life Purpose Coach Certification?

( 1 ) It certifies and licenses 
       you to teach our 
       copyrighted and
       proprietary workforce
       readiness, diversity and  
       life preparation skills 

( 2 ) Upon completion of 
       the training, you will be        tested, certified, 
       licensed and be given 
       permission to use our 
       proprietary and
       curriculum workshop,    
       workshop manuals and 
       train-the-trainer power   
       points to train people in
       your community; and

( 3 ) this certification will 
       assist you in starting    
       your own workforce 
       readiness, diversity and 
       life preparation skills 
      workshop program. 

( Complementary Workshop)

Length - 16 Minutes

If you want to learn how to define your life purpose, you will need to identify the essential qualities of a purpose filled life. Check out Module 4 of this 6 minute workshop and message me if you want a complementary (free) preview of Module 5.